Onsite Chainsaw Carving

When we visit your home or property to carve a tree, there are many variables that affect pricing. What type of carving do you want? What type of tree do you have? How large is your tree? Where do you live? We pack-up our creative tools and come to you. Because every carving is unique, every price is different. We would be honored to discuss your project and give you a fair price. We pledge to keep your pricing confidential. Please contact us by phone at 319-551-2800, or message us thru our Facebook page.

Price range: $300 to $1,000+

Custom Chainsaw Commissions

When you commission us to create a custom chainsaw carving, you start by telling us what you want carved. We generally carve these in our workshop, where we have easy access to our supplies, tools, and finishes. A name sign, for example, might be "Smith" or "Thompson." A monument could be large or small. A carving of your dog might be a golden retriever or a bulldog. A bench might have your business name carved into the back. You can have almost anything carved with a chainsaw. Pricing varies widely, so contact us by phone at 319-551-2800, or message us thru our Facebook page.

Price range: $50 to $5,000+

Inventory and Art Show Sales

We enjoy carving fun and creative sculptures that you can carry home in your arms. Small treasures, gift items, seasonal carvings, and more. We maintain a large inventory of popular chainsaw carvings, which you can look through and buy. We try attending local arts and craft shows whenever possible. Holidays are an especially great time to purchase from our inventory. You can contact us by phone at 319-551-2800, message us via our Facebook page to make an appointment, or attend one of our Upcoming Shows. We try carving many items for every budget, starting as low as $20. We also help support the Amana Arts Guild by supplying them with carvings on consignment.

Price range: $20 to $200+